The Rocky Horizon Trip – Day 3

I awoke this morning, rather comfortably, after a newly configured sleeping arrangement. It was more like a cocoon and as a result, we both had a warm nights sleep. Our body’s are starting to settle into a more natural routine, waking up with the sun rather than to an alarm clock.

This morning’s bush walk to Wangarra lookout was relaxing although the temperature continued to vary along the walk. I started with shorts, leggings, track-pants, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie beanie and gloves. The clothes slowly shed as we walked the 4km to the lookout, were I arrived in shorts and a t-shirt. Something I was rather proud about. From the lookout you could see panoramic views from within the pound, unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice. We will just have to come and see it for yourself.


Wilpena Pound
Wilpena Poud
After our bushwalk we drove to see a few other lookouts to get a differ the perspective of the pound and also saw the ‘Great Wall of China’. Our next destination was the Brachina gorge self guided drive tour were we saw some fantastic countryside. We learnt about the geology of the area and aw formation dating back over 600 million years. We finally were able to drive on some 4WD worthy tracks through the gorge.


Quandong pie was on the menu for morning tea in a cute little town called Blinman. Quandong is a native peach that presumably grows in the area. After Blinman we headed along a dirt track towards Parachilna and found two older aged cyclist stopped on the side of the road. One of the racks on the bike was broken and they were preparing to camp for the night. We refilled their water bottles but weren’t able to offer any other assistance. Best of luck for their journey ahead, two days down and forty days to go. As we drove off we were glad to be in a 4WD.  

Quandong Pie
Quandong Pie

In Parachilna we were going to try some outback pies, potentially kangaroo or emu. We arrived at the Prairie hotel and asked but they looked at us as though we were speaking another language. The sign post on the drive into town said ‘taste of the outback’, but there was nothing worthy of eating in this town. Feeling disappointed we headed for our campsite.

The drive to Marree was along a dirt highway, the first on our trip. There was nothing but flat, bare horizons for most of the journey. It’s certainly an unusual site to see. After a quick read of the caravan park reviews in Marree we decided to stay at the back of the Marree Hotel. There is free camping on offer if you buy a meal and it offers hot showers and a clean toilet block, which is more than what’s offered at the caravan park. We set up camp in daylight, showered and filled our bellies with delicious food. This is a place I would recommend. Tomorrow we head to Coober Pedy.