The Rocky Horizon Trip – Day 22

This morning we got a great start on the day. I didn’t see anyone else at the caravan park up and about, I didn’t even hear anyone else, not even a whisper. It wasn’t that early, but it was a wet outside and quite cold. We hit the road at 6:45am and made our way through the thick fog to the town of Parks. 

Thick fog
Thick fog on the drive to Parks

The fog began to lift just in time for us to see ‘The Dish’ off in the distance. Today wasn’t the day for a visit, however, it does make me want to sit down now watch the Australian movie called ‘The Dish’. It’s a true story based around a group of eclectic scientists who are responsible for looking after a satellite dish located on an Aussie sheep farm. No time to watch a movie right now, but there was plenty of time to do some bird watching. There was plenty of bird life to be seen right next to the road. I saw crows, magpie-larks, happy jacks, magpies, willy wagtails, rosellas, grey falcons, galahs and wedge-tables eagles. Which was pretty good for a morning.

I was feeling particularly tired this morning, and consequently took a nap. I typically have a terrible time napping while in cars and often feel motion sick. There is, however, the odd occasion that I am completely exhausted and can manage to successfully nap, and this was one of those days. I stirred from my sleep, raised my head, looked to my right to ask where we were, but instead something caught my eye. ‘Is that a market?’ I said, giving the driver a little fright, not knowing that I was waking. We were in West Whyalong and spent a very short amount of time looking at the market. Unfortunately the ‘arctic vortex’ had hit (it’s what the weather forecaster called it) and was very cold. We grabbed some Hummingbird cake for morning tea and headed back out on the road. Now was definitely the time to be thankful for a warm vehicle.  


Delicious Hummingbird Cake
Delicious Hummingbird Cake
Along the drive we entertained ourselves with a quick game of alphabet search. Each player has to find the letters of the alphabet, either on signs or on number plates that you drive past on the journey. The hardest part is trying to remember what letter you are up too, and not start looking for letters that your opponent is looking for. It’s rather amusing and can really keep both driver and passenger alert for quite some time.

Today we had a lot more success with getting a free cup of tea at a driver reviver. There were quite a number of them open and often the previous cup was only just finished before arriving at another stop. The people at the driver reviver are all volunteers and are quite lovely to chat to, offering advise on the local area and the roads both North and South.


Driver Reviver
Driver Reviver at the local CFA
We never stayed for long, and today we didn’t stop for lunch. It was another ‘car oven’ meal for us. A couple of pies from the Fernvale Bakery and we were as happy as a kid on holidays. We put the pies in the pie warmer and took it in turn to not only eat, but also drive. When you finished eating then it was your turn to drive. They were, yet again, delicious and I would recommend popping in, if you’re ever in the Fernvale area.


Pies in the oven
Two pies in the ‘Car Oven’
Our next great excitement was crossing over the New South Wales, Victorian border. It feels a lot more like home when you’re actually in your own state. We were actually still a long way from home, but it was feeling a lot closer. Border crossings happen so quickly, and if you’re not aware, you will cross them without even realising. There is only one small sign, but if by chance it was the first time you were making the crossing, and you happen to be watching the road, the traffic or generally just looking around, you may very well miss the entire thing. Don’t worry, we saw it, stopped, went back and got a photo.


Tiny Border Sign
The tiny sign at the border
We had a nice afternoon stop at the Big Strawberry, in the little town of Koonoomoo. Although the temperature was continually decreasing as we travelled further south, we couldn’t resist trying the strawberry ice-cream. We got one scoop to share and were rather excited. The taste… well… to put it simply… it tasted fake. I had high hopes for the Big Strawberry to deliver a big taste, but unfortunately it fell short. It looked like strawberry, but it tasted like artificial strawberry flavouring. It had a strange aftertaste and we didn’t want to finish it. We did a little early Christmas shopping while we were there, but didn’t stay for long. The closer we got to home, the more we wanted to be there.


Big Strawberry
Quick stop at the Big Strawberry
It wasn’t long before we arrived home, raced inside and said hello to our two little furry animals. I hope they weren’t hungry for the last three weeks. Just kidding! The house-sitter did a fantastic job and no troubles were had while we were away. We arrived home to a beautiful clean house and there was even a bottle of wine on the bench. The usual unpacking, washing and putting away of all things was done, but it didn’t take long for a fire to be lit and the pizza to arrive. Relaxing on the couch, with your wife, a pizza and a furry animal after a holiday. Life can’t get much better than that!


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