The Rocky Horizon Trip – Day 20

So today was the day to devour that delicious loaf of bread, bought at the Fernvale Bakery. We left home early and headed to a best friends house in the beautiful suburb of Westlake. She recently married and they had moved into their new house, which I was yet too see. The bread was our contribution to breakfast and was very happily accepted. We had some delicious and very fun French toast, with all the trimmings, while chatting for a couple of hours. It was great to finally see their beautiful house.

'Fun Bread' from Fernvale Bakery
Breakfast with ‘Fun Bread’ from the Fernvale Bakery

Unfortunately neither of them were on holidays, so we had to say goodbye. Today we were tourists in Brisbane, and on a day with such lovely weather it was perfect for visiting the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. We joined into the free walking tour which went for an hour and a half. We were the only two on the tour so thank goodness it was interesting because I’m not sure how we could have gotten out of it.

Our private tour guide
Our private tour guide at the Royal Botanical Gardens

It didn’t feel comfortable pulling out the camp stove at the botanical gardens, so we found a local park and ate our new favourite lunch. Spaghetti and veggie balls. It’s the vegetarian version of spaghetti and meat balls and is simply fantastic. We didn’t really have any other plans for the day, other than the necessary refuelling of the 4WD. We looked online to find the cheapest fuel in the area, which was important, as both tanks were now empty. The traffic was horrendous, but I can say that I have really gotten the hang of this manual driving now. Well… in most situations.

In the evening we headed to my wife’s sister’s place, where we are staying tonight. She has a lovely unit on the north side of Brisbane and we are yet again happy to stay in a comfortable bed, rather than on the ground. She is a very good cook, just like the rest of her family, and enquired as to whether we would like a particular dish for dinner, since we had been on the road for so long. Was there anything we were craving, or missing or just simply wanted. My wife chose quiche and quiche is what we had. It was filled with scrumptious roast vegetables and it really hit the spot. The pièce de résistance was, however, the dessert. I’m not entirely sure of its name, but basically it was pear stuffed with a nutty, buttery, chocolatey mix, then wrapped in filo pastry and baked till soft. The name was irrelevant because the taste was sensational. We sat down to a great episode of Masterchef and she filled us in on what we missed. Glad to slowly start coming back to the real world, after such long holidays.

Sensational Dessert
Sensational baked pear dessert

What's your thoughts / questions ?

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