The Rocky Horizon Trip – Day 19

This morning the three of us (my wife and my mum) headed into Ipswich and took a lovely morning walk along the Bremer River. It’s only been developed in the last 5 years and is a great way to appreciate the river that winds through this old city. If you love plant life, there are plenty of plaques describing some local native plants. If you love history, then there are also some plaques telling you about how the area was originally established as well as some information about the floods that have devastated the area over the past 25 years. If you love a bit of ‘what the?’ then there were also some plaques that had a picture of the scenery and one simple word. For example there was a picture of the river and the word ‘Reflect’. I’m not sure why people need to be told to reflect, or why there is a picture of what you can actually see, but I’m sure there must be a purpose to it. At the end of the walk we arrived at an awesome playground, with plenty of different types of swings and climbing frames, and lots of interesting water play features. We had a quick play and wander through the area before heading back.

Have some playtime
Having some morning playtime in Ipswich

We had breakfast at a local cafe, the highlight being my wife’s choice of a tasting plate. The quick background is that she loves breakfast and would be happy to eat breakfast food at any, if not all, meal times of the day. Loving breakfast options so much, makes it incredibly hard to decide from a breakfast menu, which particular item you really want to eat. Especially when you have never been to that cafe before. So the option of choosing a tasting plate, really solved that problem. Muesli with yoghurt and fruit, toast with smashed avocado and haloumi, and a couple of poached eggs. When you top that off with a banana milkshake (shared) you can’t get a breakfast much better than that.

One of the benefits of staying with family, rather than a caravan park, is the free washing machine. There isn’t any need to save all your $1 coins just so you can make sure you have clean undies and socks to continue chasing horizons. Considering my folks had also been away, there was plenty of washing to do. If it wasn’t for the first load drying so quickly, we would haven needed to open a new packet of pegs.

My folks place is in continual need of repair, renovation or upgrade, and we usually help out with a new task whenever we come up to stay. Today the renovation was in the bathroom. We were removing floor tiles. It wasn’t a terribly difficult job, as most of them just lifted off, but it was a job that needed doing. The big question is ‘How long will it take to lay the new ones?’ They are lovely old tiles and I hope they find a new home rather than just end up in landfill.

Beautiful old tiles
Beautiful old tiles

Task complete and now time for an explore. Yesterday we flew through the little town of Fernvale, but didn’t really have time to stop. Today was the day to drive back and introduce my wife to the famous Fernvale Bakery. It’s known for its award winning pies and this year alone, won 11 awards in the Australian baking competition. They sell emu pies, camel pies, crocodile pies and even yowie pies, just to name a few. Actually there are 120 different types of pies to try. I had a delicious chicken and apricot pie, and my wife had the vegetarian pie. We picked up a couple of pies for our drive home and also a lemon meringue for afternoon tea. But… the most exciting purchase was a loaf of bread, but you will have to wait till tomorrow to find out more about that.

Back at my parents house, we had the opportunity to raid a larger selection of board games. We opened the cupboard and there was an old time favourite of mine, although I didn’t often play due to lack of numbers. ‘Home Improvement’ is a board game based on the hit TV show Home Improvement with Tim Allen from the 1990s. It requires 3 or more to play, so we quickly roped mum into playing and within no time we were shopping for tools and supplies and getting jobs completed. The luck of the day fell with mum, who clearly won by a mile.

Dinner time had snuck up on us, and considering I was in charge, it was time for me to get cracking. I can’t say that I’m a particularly good cook, but I can follow a recipe. I was cooking quesadillas and fortunately I had remembered to bring the recipe from home. So as expected, everyone thought they were delicious. Well… actually I have no idea what my brother thought of them, as he never said either way. I would assume since the plate was clean, that it wasn’t too bad.
The best of the day was yet to come. Tonight was the State of Origin decider and it was being held on home turf. Born and bred in Queensland, I’m maroon through and through. From beginning to end, it was just a total obliteration. The blues played a messy game and continued to make fatal errors, simply handing the game to the maroons. I was more than happy to watch an easy win especially when the Queensland team were able to give Hodges the final goal score of the game, at his final origin match. It’s was a beautiful thing. Queenslander!!

Oh I nearly forgot to mention the half time break dessert which mum whipped up at dad’s request. It was inspired by the traditional Eton mess, but also included some freshly made butterscotch ice cream, using some of the syrup we bought form Crows Nest Soft-drinks. A delicious, but sugar filled, dessert to keep us psyched for the rest of the match. My brother had emerged at this time, to devour dessert in all but four mouthfuls. He had risen from his computer chair and had managed to drag himself away from the computer games long enough. Rugby was never going to win over the computer, but dessert always does. Once the loud cheering and buzz of excitement had disappeared from the house, we all tucked ourselves away in bed, ready for an early start in the morning.

Delicious dessert
Delicious ‘Eton Mess’ style dessert

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