The Rocky Horizon Trip – Day 17

We both awoke with the same feeling. We wanted to go back to the creek and try another couple of spots. We wanted a few more buckets of wash. We quickly packed up the car, said goodbye to my folks and raced back to the creek. We again, worked hard and worked fast. We knew it was public land, and we were allowed to dig there because we had a permit, but we knew Mr Gem was going to bring through another tour group shortly and we didn’t want to get caught. We managed to get out of there without being seen, but the adrenalin was really pumping through our veins.


Dry River bed
Using the dry sieve in the river bed

We headed straight to Pat’s Gems and started sorting through all of our buckets of wash, including the one left over from a couple of days ago. After about an hour we were starting to get a little weary and our eyes were tired from continually looking at rocks, so we grabbed a strawberry milkshake. It was delicious. It was just what we needed, as we still had many more buckets to sort through. We washed for three hours non stop, but unfortunately we didn’t find any sapphires worth faceting. We know we dug in multiple spots. We know we dug in the right level of the rock. We know that we put in 100% effort. It obviously just wasn’t our time to find a sapphire, but we were satisfied. They do say ‘If you are meant to find a sapphire, you will find it’. We will just have to come back and try again another time.

We headed out to Rubyvale and called into a place called ‘Fascinations’, which is the best place to get your gems cut. The guy who owns the place is currently rehabbing a dog. My wife got a bit of animal loving, which she is missing, while being out on the road. We left a zircon and one of the garnets, to get cut into an earring stud each. They will just be single studs and won’t match, which is fine considering I often wear two different earrings anyway. He has a long queue of gems to cut, so is hoping to get to mine just after Christmas time. We were now finished with The Gemfields and it was time to continue along our Rocky Horizon Trip.

We headed out of town. Our destination was Carnarvon Gorge National Park. We looked online last night and noticed there were still a few campsites available, but it was now time to call and book. The call to National Parks finally connects but I am placed on hold, finally someone answers but then I get put through to another department, again on hold. A few minutes later another person answers and I ask to book a campsite. She puts me back on hold to check the system. ‘Sorry there aren’t any sites available, was there anything else I can do for you?’ I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to be able to miraculously make another campsite appear, or just go and check that no one had left early, so I didn’t bother asking. ‘No thanks, have a great day’. It was time to make a new plan, so we checked the time and worked out that Injune would be the best destination for arrival time into camp.

There wasn’t a lot to see along the drive today, just the same old, same old. The conversation quickly began, talking about which gem field we preferred and which one we would rather go back too. Either Gemtree for garnets or Sapphire and Rubyvale for sapphires. We decided we would like to try heading back to Gemtree and actually digging our own, rather than just finding them in a bucket of wash. The next trip planning may have just begun.


Didn't see much
Didn’t see much on the drive to Injune

We arrive at the Injune Showgrounds at about 6pm, set up for the second last time and quickly got some dinner cooking on the stove. We were both quite tired tonight and didn’t play any games. My wife went straight to bed, after dinner, while I stayed up and blogged for a little while. Tomorrow we are chasing the clock. Injune to Crows Nest, arriving before 4pm.


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