The Rocky Horizon Trip – Day 15

I woke up feeling lucky. This was going to be a great day. Today we wanted to try a new digging site, so after looking at the maps we decided on Graves Hill. We read through the description and found exactly where we should be digging. The ground looked like virgin soil, whereas yesterday it looked as though someone had already dug through it quite extensively.

We used a stick as a divining rod and walked over the ground till we got a reading. I got a strong reading and then handed it to someone else to see if they too could get a reading. Same spot. It was then handed to someone else and checked again, until all four of us had tried and all four of us got a reading in the same spot. Surely it was going to be perfect. Like I said I was feeling lucky today!

Today dad dug, all day, without phone calls and us women worked on shaking and washing the rock. We could see the layers in the soil just like the description said, and we were definitely in the ‘sapphire bearing wash’ area, yet we weren’t finding anything. We were persistent and continued to dig the whole section that we walked with the divining stick, but found nothing. No sapphires, no zircon, and no spinel.


Digging camp
Digging camp setup for the day
We were tired and disappointed, but I still had this lucky feeling inside. We set up for lunch, enjoyed a feast and chatted about our next move. We were all keen to go to Pat’s Gems and have an easier afternoon. I finished lunch and promptly packed up around my wife who was eating rather slowly today. Everything went back into the trailer and we left Graves Hill. Getting off this fossicking area proved rather difficult, as we continued to get stuck by all the fences. We drove down to a cattle yard and managed to get through even though we were now on private property. This is not something you really want to be doing in Sapphire. People out here are very protective of their land and won’t hesitate in scaring you off with the sight of their shotgun.

Arriving safely at Pat’s Gems we bought two buckets of wash and started to pick out sapphires quite quickly. Yet again we were happy to finally see some sapphires in our sieves. The light was disappearing quickly and because we had the second bucket we didn’t get time to finish. We took our little dish of gemstones over to Pat (yep! Pat still works here) to check if any were going to be any good. I still had that lucky feeling, although not quite as strong as it was when I first woke up, and sure enough we were lucky to find a bright red zircon that was worth faceting. You little beauty!

We took our left over bucket of wash back to the cabin ready for us to sort through when the sunlight was good enough. The four of us had a delicious dinner and then relaxed in the cabin and played one of the board games that we found in the camp kitchen. It was a game of ‘Draw Something’, which originated from an app and has since been made into a board game. It was loads of fun and we played until both sides of the paper were so full that we couldn’t fit much more on it. After a great night of laughter and silliness it was finally time to head to bed. We are all looking forward to tomorrow and hoping to find ‘the big one’!


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